8 Jan 2018

Firefighters put out Wanaka hillside blaze

3:15 pm on 8 January 2018

A large fire on Mount Roy in Wanaka is finally out after five days, but the cause of the blaze remains a mystery.

The scrub fire over Wanaka consumed about 200 hectares before it was contained yesterday.

Firefighters hunted out underground hotspots on Roy's Peak over the weekend. Photo: FENZ

The blaze - which began on Wednesday afternoon - consumed almost 200ha of grass and scrubland on the town side of the mountain.

The Kiwi Holiday Park at the foot of the mountain had to be evacuated twice as the fire took hold.

Fire and Emergency said the fire was now out, with three crews and a digger working on the weekend to find and extinguish underground hotspots.

It said a crew visited this morning to check the area, and all but two firefighters had left the scene.

Principal rural fire officer Graeme Still said the fire was out but there is still a risk.

"We've had the camera over it, checking over hotspotas and bits and pieces," he said.

"And what that's found we've put out, so we tend to think there's nothing there at the moment but you just never know.

"So we are in the phase where we're just patrolling, just keeping an eye on it, for the next couple of days."

Mr Still said he expected a report on how the fire started later this week.

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