13 Jul 2017

Wild flights turn stomachs for Welly passengers

2:23 pm on 13 July 2017

The stormy weather has thrown up some unpleasant experiences for passengers flying into Wellington Airport.

Driftwood and big waves are being washed up at Lyall Bay.

Planes come in to Wellington around Lyall Bay, where waves and winds have been heavy today. Photo: RNZ / Jacob McSweeny

Regional flights in and out of the capital have been disrupted, with many cancelled or delayed, as strong winds batter the region.

Passengers on earlier flights had a bumpy ride and some were left vomiting in the plane.

Dayna Greig was on a 6.50am flight from Christchurch with her father Alf.

She said any hope she had of keeping her breakfast down was swiftly quashed as the ride got very bumpy, prompting one child to throw up.

She said that had a domino effect and "about half the plane" ended up spewing.

"We were trying to find those vomiting bags and there wasn't enough. When we landed and the [flight attendant] comes out and asks 'want a vomiting bag?' and I was like, we're all finished vomiting, we don't need any more bags now."

"The smell went right through the plane, it was gross."

Mr Greig said he'd never experienced turbulence like it.

"I've flown into Wellington a couple times, but it's never been this bad.

"You know, when you're going over bumps really fast in a car and you go up and down and your stomach drops, it was like that."

University student Raphael Soltero was also flying from Christchurch this morning and the flight was less than pleasant.

Hugo Moran and Raphael Soltero had a terrible experience flying from Christchurch this morning.

Hugo Moran and Raphael Soltero had a terrible experience flying from Christchurch this morning. Photo: RNZ / Adriana Weber

"The kid behind us vomited. It was crazy, it definitely would have been more enjoyable if there wasn't the strong smell of vomit."

He said it wasn't any better once the plane landed.

"It was really bumpy, then we stopped on the tarmac and the wind picked up and moved the whole plane sideways."

It was not a bad experience for everyone, however, with one woman saying a young boy seated near her was having fun.

"He's going, 'this is cool, Dad'. So he was entertained but the adults were all holding on for dear life."

All regional flights to and from Wellington Airport remain suspended until the weather eases.

The weather is also affecting flights in other parts of the country and people were advised to get in touch with their airlines or check the airport websites.

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