28 Sep 2016

Candidates shout, shove at Auckland mayoral debate

10:00 am on 28 September 2016

An Auckland mayoral debate between some of the minor candidates ended in shoving and shouting last night.

The debate at the Shadows bar at Auckland University was designed to give the lower-ranked candidates a chance to speak to the public.

But when David Hay, who stepped down as a candidate to back Phil Goff earlier this week, tried to make a statement at the end of the debate, he was confronted by candidate Alezix Heneti.

Mr Hay was given permission to make a 30-second statement, but Ms Heneti intervened, repeatedly telling him he had pulled out of the race and did not deserve the right to speak.

There was some shoving as the shouting continued, and candidate Chloe Swarbick tried to calm the situation, but Adam Holland, another candidate, added to the chaos by grabbing the microphone and loudly yelling 'Vote for me!".

Mr Hay posted the video of the incident to YouTube, saying it was "great political theatre".

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