22 Apr 2016

'The Sky Tower was lit purple'

7:50 pm on 22 April 2016

Lovers of Prince - aka the Purple One - are remembering his incredible performance in New Zealand, just two months ago.


Prince came to New Zealand as part of his 'Piano & a Microphone' tour. Photo: Courtesy of Dainty Group

The superstar singer, songwriter and musician died suddenly today, aged 57, in Minneapolis.

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One music fan with an encyclopedic knowledge, @dimsie, was at the Auckland show.

"The Sky Tower was lit purple," she said.

"We were a bit grumpy because the ticket collection process was so elaborate and difficult. My husband may or may not have muttered something about Prince being a paranoid asshole.

"The muttering stopped short the moment he appeared. A small, transfixing silhouette in front of a kaleidoscopic background. I'm not sure how he did this amazing thing, filling a room with his energy simply by walking on stage.

"He made U Got The Look into an intense, minimalist jam, putting space in all the right places. He sang Ray Charles' Unchain My Heart and Joni Mitchell's A Case of You and Raspberry Beret and, somehow, made Kiss impossibly funky merely with a piano and his own incomparable self.

"All of us danced and sang and laughed and cheered.

"Perhaps we were a tiny bit surprised at just how much of an experience he gave us. This morning when I heard the news I raged futilely about that incredible energy being gone, although I am informed that energy doesn't disappear, it just gets transformed.

"I just hope whichever entity gets it next can play I Could Never Take the Place of Your Man really well."

There was an outpouring of love on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook for the man who made it okay to let out the freak within:

New Zealand musicians and music journalists shared their thoughts.

World famous New Zealand musician Lorde posted on Facebook about Prince's death.

World famous New Zealand musician Lorde posted on Facebook about Prince's death. Photo: FACEBOOK/Lorde

But it's the fans who get the last word:

Check out RNZ's coverage of Prince over the years, but for now, just sit back and admire the the man in all his glory.

Prince, live in Paris in 1986.

Prince, live in Paris in 1986. Photo: AFP

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