15 Apr 2016

Another dog attack prompts call for desexing

8:18 am on 15 April 2016

The latest vicious dog attack in South Waikato has the dog control manager there asking the government to enforce the neutering of menacing dogs.

A 16-year-old boy suffered serious injuries when he was attacked by a three year old pitbull-boxer cross in Tokoroa on Wednesday.

The attack only stopped when the boy's three friends managed to grab the dog and sit on it.

It comes after a spate of serious dog attacks in the last week, with the victims including a young boy, a pregnant woman and an elderly woman.

Kerry Beckett a South Waikato district council compliance manager said it was time for a tougher approach.

"That may mean that we make the South Waikato mandatory if you have a pitbull or any of the menacing breeds, then you must desex it."

Ms Beckett said the government should make all councils desex dangerous dogs so each of the country's councils do not need to make their own bylaws. She said about 140 of South Waikato's 4000 dogs are considered menacing.

John Anderson, the father of a dog attack victim, wants the government to face up to the thousands of people who are injured each year.

His daughter was mauled in 2003, and has gone through countless operations since.

Mr Anderson told Morning Report the minister Louise Upston needed to meet with the victims and their plastic surgeons so she could understand the profound trauma of an attack.

He said a ban would be hard but the government should consider neutering and higher registration fees for dangerous dogs, as well as higher penalties and assault charges for the owner if the dog does attack.

The Association of Plastic Surgeons and various local government representatives have called for a ban on pitbull-type dogs.

However, the SPCA and New Zealand Kennel club said such a ban would be impractical and unlikely to work.

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