2 Nov 2015

Murder victim suffered several blows, jury told

11:40 pm on 2 November 2015

A forensic scientist has told a High Court Jury in Wellington that blood stains found in the laundry of Mei Fan's home indicated most of the injuries she suffered were inflicted there.

Janina Neale is giving evidence at the trial of Michael Preston, who is accused of killing Ms Fan, his estranged wife, almost two years ago.

Ms Neale said the blood stains showed Mei Fan had suffered several blows to her head while she was on or near the floor.

Mei Fan.

Mei Fan. Photo: NZ POLICE

She said blood had landed on the laundry door and some of the marks on the door may have also come from a blood-stained object hitting it.

Bloodstains were also found on a desk in the lounge and on the fridge door in the kitchen, Ms Neale said.

However, she said despite the blood stains in the kitchen, there was no obvious large blood trail, which might have been seen if Mei Fan had been wounded there and moved to the laundry.

Ms Neal said a blood-stained shoe print also showed someone with blood on their right foot had walked to the kitchen and also gone upstairs in the house.

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