21 Oct 2015

Murder accused broke down during arrest

6:25 pm on 21 October 2015

A police officer has told a murder trial at the High Court in Wellington, that a man accused of killing his estranged wife broke down when he was arrested - before he'd been told she was dead.

Mei Fan.

Mei Fan was killed at her Miramar home. Photo: NZ POLICE

Michael Preston, 60, is accused of killing his estranged wife, Ms Fan, almost two years ago at her Miramar home in Wellington.

The police arrested Mr Preston on the day Ms Fan's bloodied body was discovered, but he was initially charged with a breach of a protection order.

Constable Olliver Crellin said when Mr Preston was eventually told a serious incident had occurred at Mei Fan's home, he said he needed to sit down or he would lose control of his bodily functions.

However at no stage had the police informed him that she had been hurt.

Sergeant Daniel Hughes also gave evidence today, and told the court he first had contact with Mr Preston in October 2013, when he made a complaint to police that Ms Fan had a false drivers licence and passport.

Mr Preston told Mr Hughes he had also complained to a Government department.

The Crown said Mr Preston murdered Ms Fan to get exclusive control of their two children, and was trying to get Ms Fan deported.

Sergeant Hughes told the High Court that on the day Ms Fan's body was discovered - 10 November - he received a follow-up email from Mr Preston about the earlier complaint.

Michael Preston

Michael Preston Photo: RNZ / Alexander Robertson

He said when they went to Mr Preston's home he was calm, and did not appear to be shocked by the amount of armed police outside his home.

Police arrested Mr Preston that day on a breach of a protection order, and informed him a serious incident had occurred at Ms Fan's home.

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