10 Jul 2015

Mexico wants more live NZ sheep, says broker

7:04 pm on 10 July 2015

Timaru livestock dealer Peter Walsh says Mexico wants more live sheep from New Zealand.

Livestock carrier Nada at PrimePort Timaru.

Livestock carrier Nada at PrimePort Timaru. Photo: Supplied

Mr Walsh organised the sale of 45,000 sheep to Mexico.

He said when they arrived, the Mexican authorities announced that they wanted more.

He said they would like 250,000 head a year in order to build up their national flock from quality New Zealand bloodlines, and he would be interested in doing more business with them.

But Mr Walsh said getting 45,000 required a lot of work to be done, and 250,000 would be an even bigger challenge.

He has not so far had a specific order.

And Mr Walsh adds there would need to be approval from the Ministry of Primary Industries and AssureQuality before any deal could be organised.

The last shipment was criticised on animal welfare grounds.

The Ministry for Primary industries said 191 sheep died during the 15 day voyage to Mexico.

But the ministry defended the shipment and said most sheep actually gained weight gain during the voyage.

It said the exact cause of the deaths was not yet known but it would receive a detailed report on this by mid-July.

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