28 Mar 2015

Still no clear footage of Catlins wreckage

6:17 am on 28 March 2015

A second attempt to get a clear view of wreckage, underwater at a cove in the Catlins, has failed to confirm whether it is the car a missing 11-year-old boy was travelling in.

Police placed markers above Blue Cod Bay where tyre tracks came to an end. The cove, near Curio Bay, is at the centre of the search for Michael Zhao-Beckenridge, 11, and his stepfather John Beckenridge.

Police placed markers above Blue Cod Bay where tyre tracks came to an end. Photo: RNZ / Ian Telfer

Michael Zhao-Beckenridge disappeared two weeks ago when the police say he was picked up from school by his stepfather, John Beckenridge, in breach of a court parenting order.

Mike Zhao-Beckenridge

Mike Zhao-Beckenridge Photo: SUPPLIED

Earlier in the week, some wreckage from Mr Beckenridge's Volkswagen was found on rocks, and tyre tracks and an oil slick point to him having driven the car off an 80 metre cliff above Curio Bay.

An underwater camera was lowered into the water from a helicopter yesterday and found a large amount of wrecked metal but police have not been able to confirm if it is from a car, or establish if anyone was inside.

Police redeployed the underwater camera again at low tide yesterday afternoon, however they were unable to gain any further confirmation on the metal in the water due to the underwater conditions not improving.

Police at Curio Bay in the Catlins.

Police at Curio Bay in the Catlins. Photo: RNZ / Ian Telfer

At this stage, police said they would not be considering the deployment of the underwater camera again.

Police will monitor the conditions in Curio Bay over the weekend to work out what their next steps may be.

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