8 Mar 2015

Govt urged to front up over TPP details

6:58 am on 8 March 2015

The organisers of the nationwide rallies against the TransPacific Partnership are urging the Government to front up about the controversial agreement.

TPPA rally in Wellington

TPPA rally in Wellington Photo: RNZ / Michael Cropp

Yesterday, tens-of-thousands of people in 23 towns and cities called for an end to the secretly-discussed deal.

Spokesperson for It's Our Future Edward Miller said the public had a right to know what was being negotiated on their behalf.

He said the secrecy was bad for democracy, as the only public information available about the talks had been in leaked documents.

"People don't have to agree with us but it's really important that given we're in this situation where we don't have enough information about what's in this agreement and the Government has kept it so quiet over so many years, that people actually get some information from somewhere and start to form their own opinion."

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Photo: RNZ / Patrick Phelps

The next round of TPP negotiations begin next week.

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