15 Feb 2015

Lawyer doubts admissions will affect Dotcom

12:48 pm on 15 February 2015

A lawyer for Kim Dotcom doubts admissions made by a software programmer who has been jailed in the United States can be used against the internet businessman.

Kim Dotcom outside the Auckland District Court.

Kim Dotcom Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker WIlson

Programmer for Mr Dotcom's former company Megaupload, Andrus Nomm was jailed for a year after admitting he conspired to commit copyright infringement.

The United States, which is trying to extradite Kim Dotcom and others, said Nomm agreed $US400 million worth of harm was done to copyright holders and that the group made at least $175 million from the activities

Mr Dotcom's lawyer in America Ira Rothken said that should not affect his client.

"It would not be admissible likely because it's not evidence, and furthermore the word harm is also misleading, one could argue a large amount of traffic over the internet is related to infringing material and that there is harm. It doesn't necessarily follow that cloud storage companies are either civilly or criminally responsible for that harm."

Mr Rothken said Nomm took a plea deal only after the United States drained his funds.

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