26 Dec 2014

Christmas injuries cost millions

8:29 am on 26 December 2014

The Accident Compensation Corporation says the thousands of injuries that occur over Christmas are easily preventable.

Last year, it received claims for more than 3000 accidents on Christmas Day and 3,500 injuries on Boxing Day, which together cost nearly $5 million.

There were 146 Christmas tree-related injuries, 38 accidents involving Christmas lights and 19 present-related injuries.

Some of these injuries included sprains or falls suffered while decorating the Christmas tree, swallowing sticky tape while wrapping presents and cuts from carving the Christmas ham.

ACC spokesperson Stephanie Melville said most of these accidents occurred in the home and were preventable with a little common sense.

"A lot of strains and sprains, putting up the Christmas tree, getting the presents organised."

She said one mother even bit off a piece of Cellotape and it got stuck in her throat while she was wrapping Christmas presents.

The corporation is also urging revellers to drink responsibly as 11 per cent of all injuries are estimated to be alcohol-related.