18 Dec 2014

Bali accused's family appoint lawyer

7:18 pm on 18 December 2014

New Zealander Antony de Malmanche, held on suspicion of drug-smuggling in Bali, has a prominent Tauranga lawyer to represent him.

Mr de Malmanche, 52, was arrested at the beginning of the month for allegedly trying to bring nearly 2 kilograms of methamphetamine into Indonesia.

Antony de Malmanche

Antony de Malmanche in Bali Photo: AFP

His family have appointed lawyer Craig Tuck to take the case. He is also representing the AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd in Tauranga on a separate matter.

Mr de Malmanche's family say he is the victim of an internet dating scam but police in Bali say he is part of a international drug syndicate.

"I've been surprised at the police statements, to be frank, because there's a lot of information to be obtained and a lot of water to flow under the bridge," Mr Tuck said.

"We certainly will be throwing a lot of resource at getting to the bottom of a whole raft of information that seems to be out there."

Mr Tuck said police in Bali had promised not to interrogate Mr de Malmanche until he arrived on 28 December but decided after all to interview him, and that occurred yesterday.

If found guilty, Mr de Malmanche could be sentenced to death.

Mr Tuck said he had employed the same death penalty specialist lawyer as Australian Schapelle Corby's defence team used.

Mr de Malmanche's family could need to raise about $100,000 for his defence, he said.

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