24 Nov 2014

Accused intended to kill, says Crown

2:56 pm on 24 November 2014

The Crown says a man accused of killing a homeless man in a central Auckland park could not have done so much damage to his victim without knowing death could be a result.

Steven Harris, 54, died after being stabbed in Myer's Park in September last year.

Grenville Henare Fahey, 50, denies the murder charge and is representing himself in the High Court in Auckland.

The Crown alleges that the homeless pair had spent a lot of time together before the event and that Mr Fahey stabbed Mr Harris following an argument they had after getting pizzas on Queen Street.

Prosecutor David Johnstone told the court today that Mr Fahey stabbed Mr Harris many times, penetrating one of his lungs and his heart.

Mr Johnstone said the accused was so angry that he continued to pursue Steven Harris when he was retreating and unarmed.

The Crown said Mr Fahey intended to kill Mr Harris, or was at the very least reckless.