30 Sep 2014

Court hears man in park was punched

12:37 pm on 30 September 2014

A witness has told the High Court about seeing a man being punched several times then crumple to the ground at a central Auckland park after one last, strong hit.

Homeless man, Steven Harris, 54, died after being stabbed in Myer's Park in September last year.

Grenville Henare Fahey, 50, denies the murder charge, and is representing himself in the High Court in Auckland.

Through a translator, a witness, Hirokazu Kato, told the jury he saw two men arguing, one of whom was carrying a pizza box.

He described how Mr Fahey punched Mr Harris several times, followed by one very strong blow.

Mr Kato said he saw Mr Fahey walk away, so he went over to Mr Harris lying on the ground to see how bad his condition was.

The Crown said an argument broke out between the two men after they got pizzas on Queen Street.