12 Nov 2014

Cricket world cup drives hotel demand

3:58 pm on 12 November 2014

Hotel room prices in some cities are surging as supporters begin the countdown to the Cricket World Cup.

The first tournament game is on 14 February and rooms in some of the participating cities are already more than half booked.

One global booking site said hotel rooms in Auckland are commanding a premium of nearly $60 when the semi-final match is being played and are 45 percent booked.

Fewer than half of Wellington's hotels are listed as available when it hosts the quarterfinals, charging more than $40 above the average price the following week.

According to a hotel website, Dunedin is 49 percent booked out when New Zealand face Scotland.

Only Christchurch hoteliers appear to not yet be profiting from its high-profile games, such as England versus Scotland, India versus Pakistan and the World Cup's opening game on Valentine's Day.