9 Nov 2014

Hospital brings in Ebola safety checklist

8:44 pm on 9 November 2014

Auckland Hospital has introduced a 91-point safety checklist for staff treating Ebola patients.

Middlemore Hospital's clinical head of infectious diseases, Stephen McBride, dressed in personal protection gear.

It is estimated that the protective gear could cost up to $300 per day per patient. Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson

The checklist includes detailed instructions on how and when to put on a one-piece protective suit, eye glasses, a face shield, gloves and overshoes.

Dr Colin McArthur, an Intensive Care Specialist at Auckland Hospital said all the equipment, except plastic clogs, was then disposed of.

He said New Zealand had had the advantage of learning from the experience of Ebola treatment in other countries, particularly the United States.

"We learnt the lesson that the removal of the equipment is very important, it's where people appear to have been contaminated accidentally and so we designed this check list to eliminate as much as we can the risk of contamination during taking off the equipment."

Dr McArthur estimated the protective gear could cost up to $300 a day per patient.

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