30 Oct 2014

Record may lead to Dotcom deportation

6:34 pm on 30 October 2014

Internet entrepreneur Kim Dotcom could be deported if it is confirmed he has undisclosed criminal convictions, according to Immigration New Zealand.

Kim Dotcom speaks to media after his "Moment of Truth" event at Auckland's Town Hall.

Kim Dotcom Photo: RNZ / Kim Baker Wilson

Immigration area manager Michael Carley said it was checking with the Police after receiving information Mr Dotcom had a dangerous driving conviction that he received in New Zealand in 2009.

It did not seek a police check for Mr Dotcom prior to granting his residency application in 2010.

Mr Carley said there was not usually a requirement for a police check if an applicant had been in New Zealand for less than a year and there were no reasonable grounds to suspect a conviction.

Immigration New Zealand would assess whether Mr Dotcom was liable for deportation if the police confirm the conviction, he said. That assessment could take several months to complete.

Mr Dotcom's immigration adviser, David Cooper, said he doubted his client would be deported.

"In my experience, when there's a situation like this, Immigration New Zealand would usually ask for an explanation and, having got that explanation, if it seems credible, particularly if it's at the very low level end of offending, they probably would not take any action," Mr Cooper said.

Mr Cooper said he encouraged his clients to be completely honest but occasionally people forgot things.

The United States is trying to extradite Mr Dotcom to face breach of copyright and money laundering charges.

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