27 Jun 2014

Rail inspectors to wear cameras

10:21 pm on 27 June 2014

Ticket inspectors on Auckland's railways will soon be wearing lapel cameras to deter assaults after attacks and knife threats on staff.

Auckland Transport and passenger network operator Transdev are to trial the cameras as several rail workers and Maori Wardens have been assaulted in recent months.

Rail and Maritime Transport Union spokesperson Stuart Johnstone said one inspector suffered a broken jaw in an attack, another's eye socket was fractured as the inspector was confronted by about eight people, and another had a knife pulled on them.

"(The cameras) will record those incidents and that information will be passed on to the police. Hopefully it is one of the deterrents that we're looking for to help make their workplace a much safer environment."

Transdev said about five percent of its passengers are ticket evaders and it is hoped this will deter them.

Managing director Terry Scott said inspectors won't need names to trespass people who refuse to buy tickets or leave the train, because they will have good images of them.

The three-month trial is to start in a few weeks. If successful, the cameras may become standard for inspectors and train managers.