14 Jan 2014

ACC admits programme poor value

8:28 pm on 14 January 2014

ACC acknowledges its workplace health and safety training programme does not deliver value for money and says the contracts will not be renewed.

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Photo: ACC

Spokesperson Stephanie Melville was commenting on claims that the contracting of training to organisations such as Business New Zealand and the Council of Trade Unions has cost ACC levy payers up to $19 million since 2003.

One document issued on Tuesday by the Taxpayers Union, which says it acts for taxpayers, is an analysis by ACC staff of the effectiveness of the corporation's workplace health and safety representative training.

It concludes that 84 cents of every dollar spent on training has been was wasted.

Ms Melville said ACC decided in late 2013 that the corporation's training programme would not be continued past its current contract, as it did not meet expectations.

The union's executive director, Jordan Williams, says it is completely unacceptable and the contracts should be terminated immediately.

"Business New Zealand, particularly, are supposed to keep an eye on government spending and lobby the Government, and CTU were supposed to stand up for the rights of workers including against ACC.

"We now know that they were both accepting millions of dollars for something they must've known was a waste of money."