6 Jan 2014

Summer Report: local papers

9:02 am on 6 January 2014

Monday's headlines: Motel owners in Christchurch tired of boy racer ''bedlam''; More than 60 beaches reaches from Raglan to the Far North in the past week; pair slain at beach in Libya.

NZ Herald

The New Zealand Herald reports on lifeguards and the close calls they face a daily basis in Summer. More than 60 people have been rescued at beaches from Raglan to the Far North in the past week - including a woman who couldn't swim and two adults without lifejackets blown 2km offshore in a child's inflatable dinghy.

Waikato Times

The Waikato Times takes a look at funding for Hamilton's city council-owned theatres. It says three theatres may be more than the city can afford. They lost more than $1.4 million last year and continue to plunge into the red as bookings and ticket sales fail to meet expectations.

Dominion Post

The Dominion Post has more on the deaths of Wellington woman Lynn Howie and her British partner Mark De Salis, who were shot in Libya while having a picnic on the coast 65km west of Tripoli.

Ms Howie was visiting Mr De Salis who had been working as a business manager in Tripoli for six years. They met six months ago. It has been reported that their car and belongings were not taken.

The Press

The Press reports that motel owners in Christchurch are tired of boy racer ''bedlam'' after a high-speed chase ended in a stolen vehicle ramming into a police car outside a motel in Deans Avenue.

Three people were arrested after these incidents early on Sunday. The driver faces six charges related to the pursuit.


The Otago Daily Times says three men rescued from the sea off Otago Peninsula Sunday are lucky to be alive.

While searchers scoured the wrong side of Otago Peninsula, a passing vessel noticed them and their capsized boat.

The trio were fishing from a boat off Cape Saunders on Sunday morning in calm weather when two ''freak'' waves swamped the boat, capsizing it.