18 Oct 2013

Local board result picked from box

5:24 pm on 18 October 2013

An election result in Auckland has had to be decided by picking a name out of a box after two candidates ended up with the same number of votes.

Both Christina Spence and Nikki Watts had 220 votes apiece for the final place on the Great Barrier Island local board.

The ballot was decided on Friday morning when both names were placed in a box, shaken about, and an electoral officer drew out the successful candidate under police supervision.

Ms Spence's name came out - a win she describes as bittersweet. She says the rule is part of antiquated legislation and hopes the result will bring a change so future elections don't come down to chance.

The unsuccessful candidate, Nikki Watts, says she's not sure yet whether she'll ask for a recount.

Council and electoral officials say they're unsure whether this process has been done in Auckland before.