12 Oct 2013

New mayor for Ruapehu in midst of water crisis

7:57 pm on 12 October 2013

The new mayor of the Ruapehu District says the contamination of Raetihi's water supply was a good trial of his leadership skills.

Deputy mayor Don Cameron replaces Sue Morris, who did not seek re-election.

Mr Cameron says his priority will be to set up a business unit in the council to improve the district's broadband infrastructure.

He says his part in handling the water shortage in Raetihi following a diesel spill into the town's water supply a fortnight ago, was a good test of his leadership.

"Absolutely, but it was more a test of our community, I think, to see a small community come together like that has been a real eye-opener and I'm proud to say the council really stepped up to it and we've had the full backing of that community."

Mr Cameron says he is pleased with other elected councillors and says they all get along well.