10 Oct 2020

Collins intervenes after controversial abortion post

12:36 pm on 10 October 2020

Labour MP Phil Twyford has criticised his electorate opponent National MP Alfred Ngaro for posting blatant lies about his views on abortion.

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Phil Twyford, left, and Alfred Ngaro. Photo: RNZ

Yesterday Ngaro posted claims on Facebook about his Te Atatu rival including that a vote for Twyford was a vote for decriminalising all drugs and legalising recreational cannabis.

Ngaro appears to have also posted a picture which claimed Twyford supported full term abortion.

Twyford said it was not the first time the opposition has posted complete lies about the views of Labour MPs.

He said the party is flailing around desperately and the public are turned off by it.

"Alfred Ngaro has had an avalanche of criticism on Facebook from the local community in West Auckland and I think it shows that West Aucklanders and New Zealanders generally don't like his politics.

"You've got to ask if Judith Collins accepts this kind of behaviour from her MPs."

The National leader said she has spoken to Ngaro and he had taken down the social media post.

Collins said Ngaro's views weren't shared by the party.

"You know, he's someone who passionately believes exactly what he's put up there and I don't and and neither does the party."

Collins said MPs get help with their social media, and in this case it was his own views and shouldn't have had National Party branding on it.

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