7 Nov 2008

Labour and National supporters clash in Palmerston North

7:03 pm on 7 November 2008

The police have been forced to separate Labour and National supporters during an aggressive clash in Palmerston North.

National leader John Key arrived in Palmerston North on Friday morning to meet about 100 supporters at a shopping centre.

About a dozen Labour supporters also turned out, and began chanting through a microphone.

A scuffle broke out when National supporters forcibly removed the megaphone from one Labour supporter.

The police stepped between the groups at about 9.15am, and Mr Key was ushered out of the melee.

There were no arrests and police say both sides were at fault.

On Thursday, National and Labour supporters clashed in Christchurch, when Mr Key was campaigning in Cathedral Square.

Mr Key said National had fought a positive campaign and he does not want to see things get out of hand.