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Sunday 11 July 2010 Rātapu 11 Hōngoingoi 2010

Programmes are subject to change.

  • 12:04 AM. All Night Programme

    Including: 12:06 Music after Midnight; 12:30 History Repeated (RNZ); 1:05 Our Changing World(RNZ); 2:06 Spiritual Outlook(RNZ);2:30 Hymns (RNZ); 3:05 Gone Country, by John Bluck (RNZ); 3:30 NZ Books (RNZ); 4:30 One Planet (BBC); 5:45 Auckland Stories(RNZ)

  • 6:35 AM. Storytime

    Uncle Trev and the Giant Frost, by Jack Lasenby, told by Michael Haigh; The Kaori Child, by Maléta Hombouy, translated by Sarah Powell, told by Fiona Truelove; Bus Stop, by Leanne Radojkovich, told by Hinewehi Mohi; Through Thick and Thin, by Shirley Corlett, told by Julian Wilson; Coconut Tree, by Taufau Malo & Adrienne Jansen, told by Whetu Fala (RNZ)

  • 7:08 AM. Hymns for Sunday Morning

    Presented by Maureen Garing (RNZ)

  • 7:35 AM. Weekend Worldwatch

    The stories behind the international headlines (RNZ)

  • 8:10 AM. Sunday Morning with Chris Laidlaw

    Discussion, features and music, including:

    8:12 Insight; 8:40 Feature Interview; 9:06 Mediawatch; 9:45 Sunday Outlook; 10:06 Ideas; 10:45 Hidden Treasures with Trevor Reekie; 11:05 Sunday People; 11:45 Dougal Stevenson's Notes from the South (fortnightly); 11:50 Feedback

  • 12:15 PM. Spectrum

    Kwanzaa the African Shop - Kwanzaa the African Shop in downtown Wellington is overflowing with figurines, batik and all kinds of decorative goods from 15 African countries. But even more interesting are the Africans who gather there (RNZ)

  • 12:40 PM. The Arts on Sunday with Lynn Freeman

    Information and analysis from the world of books, arts and movies, including:

    1:06 At the Movies with Simon Morris; 2:04 Comedy; 2:25 Books

    3:04 Worldplay: Red Pole Rising, by Ian Weir

    A darkly comic vision of a world where money trumps everything, even friendship. Except, maybe, in the mind of a crazy man (CBC Canada)

  • 4:06 PM. 4 'til 8 with Katrina Batten

    A selection of special interest programmes, including:

    4:07 The Sunday Feature: The Reith Lectures 2010: Scientific Horizons, by Martin Rees

    2. Surviving the Century. Martin speaks "as an anxious member of the human race" and asks how can our growing knowledge ease rather than aggravate the tensions we face in the coming decades, especially in the developing world(Pt 2 of 4, BBC)

    5:10 Spiritual Outlook: Exploring matters spiritual, moral and ethical

    5:36 Waiata Maori Music: Eru Rerekura showcases Maori artists and music (RNZ)

    6:06 Te Ahi Kaa: Exploring issues and events from a tangata whenua perspective(RNZ)

    7:06 One in Five: The issues and experience of disability, with Mike Gourley(RNZ)

    7:35 The Strand: A glimpse into the world of art, writing and books (BBC)

  • 8:06 PM. Sounds Historical with Jim Sullivan

    New Zealandstories from the past

  • 10:12 PM. Mediawatch

    Critical examination and analysis of recent performance and trends in New Zealand's news media (RNZ)

  • 10:40 PM. Wayne's Music

    Wayne Mowat presents a selection of tunes too good to be forgotten(RNZ)

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