Reheating pasta

Dr Michael Mosley on research suggesting that reheating our food can change it nutritionally. So you can make your pasta better for you just by cooling and then reheating it?

Bhutanese cooking

Bishnu Dahal

Bishnu Dahal cooks ema datsi with us; it's basically a chilli cheese stew that's Bhutan's national dish.  

Recipe: Ema Datsi

Wireless charging

Greg Cross of PowerbyProxi is developing wireless charging technology that's trying to consign the good old plug to the technological scrapheap.

Maori language algorithm

Ed Abraham and Douglas Bagnall of Dragonfly Science have designed a clever computer code to count kiwis in the wild, and also works out how much Maori language is being spoken on our radio and TV channels.

Fighting cancer using our immune system

Jordan Green is a biomedical engineer from Johns Hopkins University who's trying to train our immune systems to fight cancer.

Birds: The rifleman

Rifleman digitaltrails
Photograph by digitaltrails - (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

We head out with Hugh Robertson on the hunt for the smallest of our indigenous birds, the rifleman.