Salt tolerant potato

Dr Arjen de Vos of Salt Farm Texel in The Netherland has just won a major international award for the development of a potato that can grow in salty soils.

Speed skating


Bill and Cheryl Begg are a husband and wife team training generations of speed skaters in Timaru.

Alaska Maps

Lori Montgomery of The Washington Post on why the maps in Alaska are so bad, and what's being done about it.

Clever raccoons

Michael Pettit of York University in Toronto is interested in the city's raccoons, and how clever they're getting.

The Perfect Meal?

The perfect meal

Charles Spence is an experimental psychologist who's interested in how we eat, and how things like lighting, music, plates and cutlery can make us enjoy our food more.

His book The Perfect Meal explores things like why we enjoy our food more when we order first at a restaurant, and why eating off a round plate makes our food taste sweeter.

Yoga Joes

Dan Abramson's started hacking classic plastic toy soldiers to adopt yoga poses.