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The Weekend with Karyn Hay for Sunday 19 January 2020

8:09 Saving the smells of our history 

Cecilia Bembibre is on a mission to save a part of our heritage that is often forgotten, or not thought of - the smell of things. 

That delicious smell of an old book through to the scene of a person, a building or even a town - she's intent on finding culturally significant smells, and capturing them. 

She's doing a PhD project at the University College London Institute for Sustainable Heritage on identifying and documentation of heritage smells. 

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08:25 The threats facing our kea - Tamsin Orr-Walker 

Lead poisoning is one of the biggest threats to New Zealand's ultra curious alpine parrot which is now nationally endangered with only an estimated 5,000 left.

As we reported yesterday on The Weekend, a seriously underweight kea is recovering in Christchurch's South Island Wildlife hospital from lead poisoning, one of many over the years to suffer after injesting the material that's strewn around the kea's South Island territory.

One of the Clown of the Alps' main champions is Queenstown's Tasmin Orr-Walker, co-founder of the Kea Conservation Trust.

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08:40 Lifesavers - Neville Blackmore from the Rescue Coordination Centre 

Neville Blackmore is senior search and rescuce officer and watch leader at the Rescue Coordination Centre. 

The centre takes care of all major maritime and aviation search and rescue missions, and land-based rescues were a distress beacon is activated. 

The scope of the organisation spans from the tropics in the pacific, down to the cold depths of the South Pacific. 

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8:50 The Toroa Albatross breeding season begins at Dunedin's Taiaroa Head 

Dunedin's Taiaroa Head is the only mainland breeding site of this magnificent bird so there is a lot at stake come breeding season.  

The first of this year's eggs has just hatched. 

But the news of the first chick broke at the same time as distressing news of a dead juvenile toroa/southern royal albatross with a stomach full of plastic - including a whole plastic bottle.

09:06 Kiwi journalist Thomas Heaton about life in Kathmandu

Expat Kiwi journalist Thomas Heaton is helping the Kathmandu Post in Nepal to embrace the online opportunities now available to newspapers.

Officially he's the Deputy culture and arts editor but he's also heavily involved in reporting on Travel and food.  

Travel is also a big issue for the small landlocked nation, and this being the year of the Visit Nepal 2020 campaign means he's in for a very busy year assessing if the expensive promotional campaign meets its target of doubling the number of tourists.

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Photo: RNZ Lynn Freeman

09:30 Preserving historical Māori sites in the Hauraki Gulf 

The race is on in Auckland's Hauraki Gulf, where storms and sea swells are threatening an important Maori archaeological site on Otata in the Noises Group of islands.

The landowners and local Ngai Tai ki Tamaki are working together to  excavate the land to recover information before coastal erosion destroys it.  

The Noises lie to the north of Rakino and since the 1920s have been owned by the Neureuter family.

09:45 Preserving New Zealand's heritage roses 

Roses - they're a staple in many gardens and often seen blooming wild across the country - but there are fears the roses the colonial settlers brought here, may disappear. 

While still seen in bouquets no matter the occasion - fewer people are growing roses at home, for a number of reasons - less time, less land, perhaps a wish to plant native plants instead. 

10:04 The art of summer beaches 

Our next story takes us on a trip around the beaches of New Zealand - and some abroad,  as portrayed in art. 

Te Papa Museum curator Lizzie Bisley met The Weekend producer Laura Dooney at Island Bay beach in Wellington, to talk about the summer scenes in the museum's collection. 

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Photo: RNZ Laura Dooney

10:30 The National Library shares its musical collection with Air New Zealand fliers 

Dr Michael Brown of the National Library has curated a new playlist for Air New Zealand's passengers to listen to - that shows off some of our best historical recordings. 

Dr Brown says the idea is a collaboration between Air New Zealand and the Te Puna Foundation - a charity associated with the National Library. 

The idea is to show off the very large collections of New Zealand music held by the library, by creating a playlist that will be updated, for Air New Zealand passengers to listen to. 

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11:04 Mooting with Victoria University law students 

Law students can learn the theory behind constructing and delivering compelling arguments in court but ultimately they have to be tested in person.

Moots are where they start.

Faculty of Law students at the Te Herenga Waka-Victoria University of Wellington are preparing to compete in an international moot  in Vienna where  teams are set a realistic problem that may arise in international sale of goods and international commercial arbitration.

With the help of their coach Eve Bain, this year's team from Victoria are Jonathan Sylvester and Cate Hensen. 

Eve Bain, Jonathon Sylvester and Cate Hensen

Eve Bain, Jonathon Sylvester and Cate Hensen Photo: Victoria University, Wellington

11:25 The Dunedin children protecting the city's town belt 

Dunedin students as young as four are working together to first clean up then restore Dunedin's historic Town Belt.

The 202 hectare green space was unloved and run down until the launch of the Town Belt Kaitiaki education programme.

It's a partnership between students, teachers and the community. The timing is perfect, with  kākā and other birds now starting to fly out of the nearby Orokonui Ecosanctuary and needing a safe place to rest and nest.

Fourteen schools and early childhood centres are involved. 

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11:35 Meet the booksellers - Kit Lyall, Scorpio Books 

Yesterday we were talking books in Twizel - today we're slightly further north but still in Canterbury - speaking to Kit from Scorpio Books in Christchurch. 

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11:40 Making a radio documentary in Nepal 

Since visiting the Nepal in August for RNZ, Lynn Freeman has been reflecting on an eventful and sometimes stressful three weeks in this remarkable country. 

So having got most of the documentaries to air now she decided to make a programme about what went into gathering dozens of interviews in the far north and west and in the deep south of Nepal.  Many many hours on the road, several canoe trips across rivers frequented by crocodiles, and far too many leech bites. 

11:50 Satya Bella - Human Gyroscope at Christchurch Busker's Festival 

Satya Bella is a hula hooper who's travelled the world wowing audiences with her amazing multi-hoop performances. 

She's known as the Human Gyroscope - and also uses a cyr wheel - a large hoop she stands inside and rolls and spins - as part of her act. 

It's an act that's taken her around the world, and now Satya Bella is in New Zealand, specifically Christchurch, for the buskers festival there that starts next Friday - the 24th.

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Photo: Satya Bella

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