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The Weekend with Karyn Hay for Saturday 28 December 2019


08:09 Robert Lewis - SharkSpy Otago 

In the first survey of shark life along the Otago coastline since the 1990s, people in and on the water this summer are being asked to keep an eye out for the many species that venture there.

Shark Spy is a citizen science project that involves people sending in photographs of shark sightings and any other information that will help researchers establish populations and behaviour.

People who see a shark can take a photo of it, and upload it to the SharkSpy project on iNaturalist, or email it to

Lynn Freeman speaks to Shark Spy Project lead, and shark enthusiast, Rob Lewis, to find out why it's been so long since sharks were paid this kind of attention.

8:20 James Taylor - Rescue helicopter pilot

This summer we take time to acknowledge the work of the country's lifesavers - who are dedicated to helping people around the clock. 

We'll be speaking to surf lifesavers, Marine search and rescue, firefighters, and rescue helicopter pilots. 

And helicopters is where we start - with Auckland rescue helicopter senior pilot James Taylor. 

James Taylor, senior helicopter pilot

James Taylor, senior helicopter pilot Photo: supplied

8.30 MetService - the weekend's weather 

We cross to a MetService forecaster to get the weekend's weather. 

8.40 Jim Robinson - Restoring the Ōpōtiki Dunes Trail 

Volunteers have now bedded in around 20 thousand plants along the Ōpōtiki Dunes Trail as part of an ambitious environmental restoration programme.

The area is part of the Motu Trails Cycleway in the Bay of Plenty,  one of 22 Great Rides on The New Zealand Cycle Trail.

Replanting the native species along the dunes started in earnest in 2014 as part of a wider biodiversity management plan to protect the fragile dune ecosycstem.

Jim Robinson from the Motu Trails Charitable Trust describes the Ōpōtiki Dunes Trail he knows so well. 


Jesse Teat - Youth Winter Olympics 

While many summer olympic hopefuls have months of work ahead to secure their spot on the New Zealand team for Tokyo in July, our Youth Winter Olympics team head out to Switzerland in a matter of days.

The Chef de Mission is Jesse Teat of Dunedin who was our national ski racing champion when he competed in the 2002 Salt Lake Winter Olympics.

Jesse speaks to Lynn Freeman about heading the support team for the 20 young athletes.

No caption

Photo: NZ Olympic Committee

09:20 Chris Breward - History of the Suit Topic

Professor Christopher Breward is a man who likes a good suit. 

He has one designed by fashion legend Alexander McQueen and crafted for him by Saville Row tailors and .

The suit has been in and out of fashion for more than 400 years and Christopher covers it all in his book - The Suit.

He speaks to Lynn Freeman about the long history of the suit. 

09:35 Athol McCredie - The Muesli Review 

Athol McCredie is a man who knows a good breakfast. 

He started a website called The Muesli Review in the middle of 2019 and has already reviewed 60 dishes from across Wellington. 

Laura Dooney went and met Athol as he reviewed a bowl of bircher, at one of his favourite places to eat the dish in Wellington, The Southern Cross.

No caption

Photo: RNZ: Laura Dooney

10:04 Jane Wrigglesworth - Growing Herbs

On Saturdays over the summer we'll be tackling a different garden related topic, and we're starting with herbs.  

Jane Wrigglesworth edits HerbNews, and has a website called Flaming Petal

Jane also writes for NZ Gardener and New Zealand House & Garden magazines and for newspapers around the country.

Lynn Freeman visits Jane in her herb garden. 

Jane Wrigglesworth

Jane Wrigglesworth Photo: supplied

10:20 Simon Sweetman - Music Feature 

Simon Sweetman looks at a trilogy of albums by Dave Dobbyn that saw him  make his name as more than an 'anthem-writer', by exploring deep, dark, personal issues. 

Dave Dobbyn

Dave Dobbyn Photo: James Dann

11:04 Tom Roa - Translating classics into te reo 

Our next story looks at a man who's translating classic children's texts into te reo Māori - he says mostly for his own fun! 

Associate Professor Tom Roa from Waikato University translated Alice in Wonderland into Ko Nga Takahanga I a Arihi I Te Ao Miharo. 

Parts of his translation have been used at a new exhibition at Te Papa - Wonderland. 

Laura Dooney met Tom Roa at the opening of the exhibition, and spoke to him about translating Alice, and his next project - doing the same with JRR Tolkien's The Hobbit. 

Tom Roa at the Alice In Wonderland Opening December 06, 2019 in Wellington, New Zealand.

Photo: 2018 Mark Tantrum

11:30 Travel - Lynn Freeman in Helsinki 

When it comes to the world's capital cities, Helsinki is the coldest,though heated granite slabs keep the snow from setting, and it boasts  the cleanest tap water.

Helsinki people are also mighty proud of its ice cream...and it's famous rock church that's literally carved into rock.

Lynn Freeman spent a few days there in May.

11:50 Booksellers 

Over the summer we'll be talking to people who've made books their livelihood - crossing to them to ask about their shop's place in the community, and what's been popular over the holiday break. 

Today Lynn Freeman talks to Sue Laurence, from Almo Books in Carterton, Wairarapa. 

Sue Lawrence of Almo Books in Carterton.

Sue Lawrence of Almo Books in Carterton. Photo: supplied

Crap Bird photos 

We want to see your (failed) attempts at capturing our avian friends through a camera lens. 

Email your photos to, or simply enjoy what we've already been sent, below.