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7.11 Alan McGuinness: The battle for the Tory leadership

The Tory leadership debate comes to a conclusion next week, with Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt going head-to-head in the battle to succeed Theresa May as prime minister. SKY News political reporter Alan McGuinness joins the show to offer a final analysis ahead of the decision, expected to favour former London mayor Johnson.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are the final two names in the running for leader of the British Conservative Party.

Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt are the final two names in the running for leader of the British Conservative Party. Photo: AFP

7.18 Emma James: French marijuana decision could set dangerous precedent

Kobili Traore is believed to have beaten Sarah Halimi for hours before shoving her from her third floor Paris flat, yet he might not be held criminally responsible for her death because he was high on cannabis. TV journalist and radio broadcaster Emma James will join the show from Paris to discuss the shocking case.

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Photo: ikiryo/123RF

7.32 The House

A weekly digest of the events in Parliament with Daniela Maoate-Cox and Phil Smith.

7.45 Calling Home: Lisa Yarwood in Paris

This week, hard on the heels of Bastille Day, Calling Home's guest is in Paris. Lisa Yarwood and her French husband have made the capital of France their home. She talks about the realities of raising a family in the city of lights.

Lisa and her partner Fabian

Lisa and her partner Fabian Photo: supplied

8:10 Insight Babies in Oranga Tamariki care - safe or seized?

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Photo: RNZ / Rebekah Parsons-King

Are too many Maori babies being taken into care? Maori news correspondent, Leigh Marama McLachlan  investigates whether Oranga Tamariki is getting the balance right between keeping children safe and keeping families together

8.38 Anthony Phillipson: 8 Days To The Moon and Back

Bafta winning television director Anthony Phillipson has brought the Apollo 11 moon landing to life with a new feature-length drama documentary 8 Days: To The Moon and Back, to mark the 50th anniversary of the first time man walked on the moon. He speaks about retelling one of the most famous stories in human history, from a new perspective.  BBC Earth's 8 Days: To The Moon And Back is available now to view on SKY GO and SKY On Demand.

9:06 Mediawatch

The coverage of a cricket match that gave the media some explaining to do for dazed and confused fans. Also: a TV show airing the tricky topic of New Zealand racism - and potential political candidates flying a kite for their campaigns in the media.   

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Photo: Screen shot: TVNZ

9:37 Nancy Atkinson: The story behind the Apollo programme  

Writer Nancy Atkinson is a space obsessed science journalist who writes about it for a living. She also hosts NASA podcasts and is a former ambassador for the agency. She talks to Jim about her latest book, just published, Eight Years to the Moon: The History of the Apollo Missions, which features the untold stories of engineers and scientists behind the Apollo space programme.

Nancy Atkinson

Nancy Atkinson Photo: supplied

10.04 AC Grayling: The History of Philosophy

Master of the New College of the Humanities in London, philosopher Professor A.C Grayling  has written more than 30 books. His latest offering, The History of Philosophy, covers more than two millennia of philosophical ideas. He joins Jim to discuss his new tome and why the immeasurable contributions of Aristotle, Kant, and Plato sit atop the philosophy heap.

A.C. Grayling

A.C. Grayling Photo: supplied

10:45 Manish Mehrotra: Honest truths from India's No 1-ranked chef

For top Indian chef  Manish Mehrottra, honesty means everything. Honest food, honest ingredients and, when the occasion calls for it, honest appraisals. He's in New Zealand for a collaboration with Sid Sahrawat and popped in to share his culinary story and offer a few honest truths about Indian food.

Manish Mehrotra (R) and Sid Sahrawat (L)

Manish Mehrotra (R) and Sid Sahrawat (L) Photo: supplied

11.04 Marc Wilson: Why moon landing conspiracy theories persist

As the 50th anniversary of the moon landing is marked around the world, persistent conspiracy theories do the rounds suggesting that the entire mission was fabricated and that it was an elaborate hoax by the U.S government. Victoria University psychology professor Marc Wilson explains why people insist these theories are true and why they continue to believe them, even when faced with facts. 

Buzz Aldrin conducts experiments on the moon's surface in a picture taken by Neil Armstrong after both climbed down the ladder of the lunar module "Eagle" on July 21, 1969 to become the first men in history to set foot on the moon's surface.

Photo: AFP / NASA

11:15 Gavin Trethewey: Kiwi pilot who delivered moon landing to NZ

It was 50 years ago today that man first walked on the moon, and another record was broken soon after that when, then-29-year-old, pilot Gavin Trethewey flew the video tape of the landing back to New Zealand in an unofficial trans-Tasman flight record of just two hours and 25 minutes. He looks back on the memorable role he played in delivering the footage for New Zealanders to watch.

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11:29 Toby Stoff: Welsh bent the rules to claim steepest street title

Dunedin lost its crown as home to the world's steepest residential street this week after Ffordd Pen Llech in Wales was announced as the new title-holder, but Dunedin surveyor Toby Stoff reckons the Welsh have bent the rules and have no claim to the record because they have just cherry-picked a particularly steep section. He joins the show to explain more. 

Baldwin Street, the world's steepest residential street, Dunedin.

Baldwin Street, the world's steepest residential street, Dunedin. Photo: AFP

11.34 Musical Chair: Bridget Davis

This week's guest in the Musical Chair is renowned chef Bridget Davis who's just won the award for the Best Breakfast Cookbook at the prestigious World Gourmand Cookbook Awards in Macau. She talks about her lifelong passion for food and the battles she had to be a successful chef come food writer.

Bridget Davis

Bridget Davis Photo: supplied