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7.11 Geoffrey Boycott: Cricket World Cup final could go either way 

Former England skipper Geoffrey Boycott was part of the first England team to make the Cricket World Cup final in 1979. The English have gone on to make two more finals but, like the Black Caps, have never tasted victory. He picked England and New Zealand to make this evening's final at Lord's, and will be happy with the final result either way. 

Detail of the trophy ahead of the start of the 2019 Cricket World Cup first semi-final between India and New Zealand at Old Trafford in Manchester, northwest England, on July 9, 2019.

Photo: AFP

7.18 Scientists warn indoor carbon dioxide levels could be a health hazard

Is living in big cities making us dumber? Or duller, perhaps, taking the edge off our cognitive abilities? A new report suggests that indoor levels of carbon dioxide could be clouding our thinking and may even pose a wider danger to human health. Professor Michael Hernke and Dr Tyler Jacobsen are with us to discuss. 

Air pollution over Beijing in China.

Air pollution over Beijing in China. Photo: 123RF

7.32 The House

A weekly digest of the events in Parliament with Daniela Maoate-Cox and Phil Smith.

7.45 Calling Home: Mike Hall in Mozambique 

Mike Hall is a pilot for a New Zealand aviation company, Airwork, which was engaged by Medecins Sans Frontieres (Doctors Without Borders) to help in its humanitarian mission to Mozambique following the Cyclone Idai disaster. He's currently on leave in Croatia but joins the show to discuss life in Mozambique. 

8:10 Insight

Produced by Philippa Tolley.

8.42 Isobel Yeung: China's hidden war on Uighurs 

According to the UN, more than 1 million Chinese Uighur Muslims are being detained in government 're-education' camps. VICE News correspondent Isobel Yeung posed as a travel blogger to go behind the scenes in Xinjiang, a frontier region in China's west, to unveil what is happening to the Uighur in the most oppressed area in China. 

VICE News journalist Isobel Yeung.

VICE News journalist Isobel Yeung. Photo: Supplied

9:06 Mediawatch

Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

9.45 Ken Rutherford: Cricket World Cup final is New Zealand's to lose   

The Black Caps have defied the odds to make it through to this evening's Cricket World Cup final against hosts England at Lord's in London, ensuring there will be a first-time winner of the sport's biggest prize. Former Black Caps batsman and captain Ken Rutherford sets the scene ahead of the final and evaluates New Zealand's chances. 

Matt Henry celebrates the dismissal of Karthik and Neesham's catch during the Black Caps semifinal win over India at Old Trafford.

Photo: Photosport

9:49 Ann-Sofie Sundman: Dogs and owners share similar stress levels 

In the first study of its kind, researchers in Sweden have looked at the stress levels in dogs that live with humans, reaching an interesting conclusion about the interactions between neurotic people and the dogs they own. Ann-Sofie Sundman was a co-author of this study. She joins the show it examine its findings.

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Photo: Pixabay

10.06 Michael McKean: 'This is Spinal Tap' celebrates 35 years 

It's been 35 years since the cult classic movie The is Spinal Tap first graced our scenes. Legendary actor Michael McKean recently reunited with other original cast members to perform a rare accoustic gig at the Tribeca Film Festival, and he's about to hit New Zealand screens with his Food: Fact or Fiction? show for the first time next month. 

Michael McKean

Michael McKean Photo: © 2015, Cooking Channel, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

10.36 The Grammar Table answers RNZ listener questions 

Last month we were join by professional 'grammar nerd' Ellen Jovin to find out the story behind Grammar Table. Now she is taking the table on a road trip throughout the US. Ellen is back with us to look at the grammar table roadie and answer a few listener questions about grammar. 

Ellen Jovin and The Grammar Table

Ellen Jovin and The Grammar Table Photo: supplied

11:05 Professor Lora Heisler: Key to solving obesity lies in the brain 

Newly-released research has revealed a way to harness the target of the brain chemical serotonin to combat the obesity and diabetes epidemics. Professor Lora Heisler studies the precise region of the brain that regulates both appetite and blood sugar. She joins the show to discuss this breakthrough. 

Dr Lora Heisler

Dr Lora Heisler Photo: Supplied

11:24 Steve Holmes: Historic New Zealand Racing Cars  

Wairarapa-based author Steve Holmes is New Zealand's go-to guy on anything car-related. His latest offering, Historic New Zealand Racing Cars, reveals the fascinating histories of eighteen cars whose stories are intertwined with our motoring history. He delves into the origins of each vehicle -- including the likes of the mighty 1968 McLaren M8A Can-Am -- and their fate thereafter  

Historic Racing Cars

Historic Racing Cars Photo: Supplied

11:44 Theodore Gioia: The Instagram food photography explosion  

Instagram has done more than any other social media site to ignite the explosion of food photography that is now so commonplace around the world. Critic Theodore Gioia, who is currently writing a book on California's evolving food culture, examines the Instagram phenomenon that sees us reach for our phones before our forks. 

Chicken pad Thai dish of stir fried rice noodles with a contemporary presentation.

Photo: 123rf / Todd Arena