21 Jul 2019

Babies in Oranga Tamariki care - safe or seized?

From Insight, 8:10 am on 21 July 2019
Group of people with placards

A protest against Oranga Tamariki taking Māori babies into care. Photo: RNZ / Leigh Marama McLachlan

Oranga Tamariki is under fire, as broken families come forward to complain about how the Ministry for Children is taking their children into care, and four inquiries probe the agency.

But how should Oranga Tamariki strike a balance between keeping children safe and keeping families together?

In a new Insight documentary, Māori News Correspondent Leigh-Marama McLachlan visits heart-broken families desperate to get their children back, Oranga Tamariki staff facing public anger, and community groups and legal experts dealing with the agency and parents.

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