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7:11 National Party Conference

RNZ political editor Jane Patterson reports on  day one of the National Party conference in Wellington and what to expect on day two. 

7.19  Housing quandary: impact of LVRs

With 30 percent fewer house sales in Auckland in the past year, it seems the Reserve Bank's wish for a cooler housing market has been granted, but at what cost? QV's Andrea Rush discusses the issues

7:32 The House

A weekly digest of the events in Parliament. This week Daniela Maoate-Cox and Phil Smith use one day's tumultuous events in the House to explore a few of the tactics and rules of Parliament.

7:47 America's Cup: the business end

Team NZ helmsman Peter Burling, left, and Oracle Team USA's skipper Jimmy Spithill with the America's Cup Trophy, the Auld Mug.

Photo: AFP

Todd Niall reports from Bermuda on races 3 and 4 in the America's Cup.

7:53 All Blacks v British and Irish Lions

Lions fans before kick-off in the first Test between the all Blacks and Lions at Eden Park.

Lions fans before kick-off in the first Test between the all Blacks and Lions at Eden Park. Photo: PhotoSport

The long-awaited first test took place last night at Eden Park in Auckland. Fairfax's sport news director Kevin Norquay paints a picture of the game.

8:09 Insight: data in exchange for social services

New Zealand spends billions on welfare and social services every year, but how do we know it's money well spent? The government uses data to try and figure this out, but now wants to take that a step further. Its plan is that anyone from school social workers and budgeting advisors, to those who deal with violence or sexual abuse victims hand over clients' names, address and family details, so it can get closer to the story behind why they need help. Teresa Cowie asks how much of our personal data should we be willing to give up in exchange for social services?

8:40 Ralph Sims: diesel locos and cycling in Denmark

Ralph Sims in Copenhagen

Ralph Sims in Copenhagen Photo: Supplied

Professor Ralph Sims has calculated that the CO2 emissions produced by KiwiRail's new diesel locomotives that will run on the main trunk line are greater than those being offset by the country's entire fleet of electric cars. He speaks to Wallace from Denmark where he says just 29 percent of the population bothers owning a car.


9:06 Mediawatch: the Todd Barclay episode

Mediawatch looks at how the biggest political scandal of election year so far unfolded in the media. Also: engaging the audience in the online age; the perils of portraying the future on TV; starting The Conversation.


9:35 Melanie Reid: Investigative journalism

Todd Barclay

Todd Barclay Photo: Facebook / Todd Barclay

The story of MP Todd Barclay taping his staff dominated the headlines this week. It's the latest in a long list of scoops by Melanie Reid. Melanie Reid spent nearly three decades breaking stories for TV3 but now she's working for the start-up She tells Wallace there could be more come on Todd Barclay and she has concerns about journalism. 


10:05 Annie Goldson: the Kim Dotcom movie

Annie Goldson

Annie Goldson Photo: Supplied


Kim Dotcom: Caught in the Web is the new film by award-winning documentary maker Annie Goldson and Alex Behse. Three years in the making, and part-funded by the New Zealand Film Commission, the film tracks the controversial story of Kim Dotcom. It screens around the country as part of the NZ International Film Festival that opens in Auckland on July 20 and ends in Hawke's Bay on September 24. Annie Goldson joins Wallace to talk about Kim Dot Com, copyright and film-making. 
Read the story here


10:35 Suzie Dawson: campaigning from Moscow

Suzie Dawson

Suzie Dawson Photo: supplied

Suzie Dawson is the new leader of the Internet Party. She joins Wallace live from Moscow where she has applied for temporary asylum. She's made a documentary about her experiences called Diary of a Person of Interest and she hosts a Web TV series about life in Russia called Kiwi In Moscow.


11:05 Ian Frazer: HPV vaccine and beyond

HPV Vaccine

HPV Vaccine Photo: Supplied

One of the most successful vaccines of modern times is the HPV vaccine, Gardasil - now used in 130 countries. It has halved the number of new cervical cancers. Professor Ian Frazer was the co-inventor of the vaccine with his colleague Dr Jian Zhoiu and talks about the importance of vaccine research.


11:35 Omar Kamoun: Moroccan unrest

Omar Kamoun

Omar Kamoun Photo: RNZ

A wave of protests has swept Morocco in the past few months which has seen around a million protesters taking to the streets and more than a hundred protesters arrested and thrown into prison. Omar Kamoun is a former student leader in Morocco now living in New Zealand and explains what's led to the unrest and the tension between the monarchy and the people.