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7:08 James Goff - Tsunami lessons

James Goff

James Goff Photo: supplied

James Goff, honorary professor of tsunami research at the University of New South Wales, tells Wallace the Kaikoura earthquake should serve as a "gentle warning" to Wellington of what could be round the corner.

7:16 Rouzbeh Parsi - Iran US relations in the age of Trump

Rouzbeh Parsi

Rouzbeh Parsi Photo: Supplied

During the election campaign Donald Trump promised to scrap the US Iran nuclear deal. So what would that  mean for the people of Iran and the region? Dr Rouzbeh Parsi heads up the European Iran Research Group and is a senior lecturer at the University of Lund in Sweden.

7:30 News headlines

7:32 The Week in Parliament

7:50 Ben Clement - Home security

The Christmas holiday's are nearly upon us and it's the busiest time of year for thieves. With burglaries on the increase - Wallace talks to security expert Ben Clement about why New Zealanders are so complacent when it comes to home security.

8:12 Insight: Are Protection orders taken seriously?

Ulanda Titford, 21 and her son, Xavier,4 standing outside their Northland house.

Ulanda Titford, 21. Photo: RNZ/Carla Penman

RNZs police reporter Carla Penman talks to two women who were abused by their former partners despite repeatedly turning to authorities for help, and asks whether protection orders are worth the paper they are written on? .

8:42 Meg Lowman - An abornaut's life

Dr Meg Lowman is an 'abornaut' - a tree scientist who travels the globe checking out the world's rainforests.She has just been in New Zealand looking at our own tree canopies and she tells Wallace why forests are so special and why time is running out for the world to start taking trees more seriously.

9:06 Mediawatch

Why is New Zealand's pre-eminent publisher of magazines giving its journalism away for free? Also: why the TV channel that survived the Christchurch quake is now going off the air - and low blows in the media over high hits in the rugby.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose

9:40 Terence Davies -  Sunset Song

Terence Davies

Terence Davies Photo: supplied

Terence Davies has been described as one of the UK's greatest living filmmakers. He joins Wallace to talk about his latest film Sunset Song - and why it's a film that is very close to his heart..

10:06 Miriam Frank - In her mother's footsteps

Writer Miriam Frank tells Wallace the amazing story of her childhood - escaping Nazi Germany, occupied France and the Spanish Civil War.

10:44 Krishna Andavolu - Weediquette

Krishna Andavolu

Krishna Andavolu Photo: Supplied

Vice journalist, Krishna Andavolu, has been travelling the world exploring the culture of marijuana. He talks to Wallace about his new documentary series, Weediquette, in which he debates the use of medical cannabis and smokes a joint with the President of Paraguay.

11:06 Scott Hamilton - Pacific slave trade

Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton Photo: Supplied

Scott Hamilton is the author of The Stolen Island which tells the story of a slave raid on the isolated Tongan island of 'Ata in the 1860s. It's a tragic tale of men, women and children ripped from their homes and New Zealand's often overlooked role in the slave trade

11:40 Peta Mathias - Life, Love and real estate

Photo: supplied

Writer, chef, and bon vivant Peta Mathias joins Wallace to talk about her life.. So far.. Her loves.. So far… and why you should always think twice when buying a villa in the South of France.