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7:08 Don Brash and Selwyn Manning - Budget 2016

Don Brash

Don Brash Photo: ACT Party

Selwyn Manning

Selwyn Manning Photo: Supplied

Dr Don Brash, former leader of ACT and of the National Party, and investigative political journalist and commentator Selwyn Manning join Wallace to discuss Budget 2016, how it's been received, and its implications.

7:30 News headlines

7:32 The Week in Parliament

7:47 Mark Rubbo - Thriving in the Book Trade

Ebook between paper books

Ebook between paper books Photo: (Maximilian Schönherr GNU Free Documentation License)

Melbourne independent book retailer Readings recently won the the London Book Fair's International Bookstore of the Year. Mark Rubbo is Readings managing director and he discusses how the business is thriving against the odds.

8:12 Insight : No Vacancy: Can New Zealand Cope with Rapidly Growing Tourism?

Two young Dutch tourists sit on some wooden steps that lead to the clear blue/green water at Blue Spring, Putaruru

Dutch tourists at Blue Spring, Putaruru Photo: RNZ Insight/Teresa Cowie

In the next five years the government predicts 4.5 million visitors will be wheeling their suitcases across the tarmac in search of an adventure in New Zealand. But as Teresa Cowie has been finding out, while tourist numbers hit record after record, and visitors head off the beaten track, many smaller towns and beauty spots are finding it hard to cope. This is taking its toll on the very unspoilt nature and friendly locals that the tourist have come to see.

8:40 Claire Molyneux - Music Therapy

Music therapist Claire Molyneux lets Wallace have a go with her sounding bowl

Music therapist Claire Molyneux lets Wallace have a go with her sounding bowl Photo: Zara Potts/RNZ

Claire Molyneaux has been working as a music therapist for more than 20 years - particularly in the field of children and adolescents. She joins Wallace to talk about why music therapy works, who it works for and why it's now being used in hospice care.

9:06 Mediawatch

The future for community newspapers as New Zealand's biggest publisher embarks on a digital shakeup. Also, two ex-editors launch a business to do new journalism - and also PR; a blatant case of plugging a product; and a strange supplement placed in the paper by an overseas one.
Produced and presented by Colin Peacock and Jeremy Rose.

Peter Gordon

Peter Gordon Photo: Jonathan Gregson

9:40 Peter Gordon - Fusion Food

Chef Peter Gordon was born in Whanganui and showed early promise when, as a four-year-old, he created his own cook book. Since then he's gone global, with award-winning restaurants in Auckland and London. He's also written eight more cook books, made many TV appearances and is a food columnist. He joins Wallace to talk about his latest book, Savour (it's about salads), fusion cuisine, and raising millions for leukaemia research.

Peter Gordon is speaking at Escape! in Tauranga.

10:06 Wyn Davies - For the Love of Opera

Wyn Davies

Wyn Davies Photo: Supplied

Conductor Wyn Davies was born in South Wales. He works with a wide range of opera companies, orchestras and theatre companies in London's West End. He has been Director of Music for New Zealand Opera since 2005 and he's in Aotearoa for a few months to conduct The Magic Flute and then La Traviata. When he's not doing his day job he's performing his own cabaret show - and last year released a CD, Just Wyn.

10:35 Diana Goodman - Breaking Glass Ceilings at the BBC

Diana Goodman is quite possibly the trailblazing Kiwi reporter you've never heard of - but she's just received the recognition she deserves: an honorary doctorate from Massey University. Diana Goodman was the BBC's first female foreign correspondent; the first woman to run one of the BBC's foreign bureaux and the first mother to be sent on an overseas posting. She joins Wallace to talk about her illustrious career and gives us her perspective on the challenges that Europe faces now and in the future.

11:05 Dr Robin Youngson - The Importance of being Empathetic

If you've ever had a doctor who could do with brushing up their bedside manner - then you won't want to miss this interview with Dr Robin Youngson. He's an anaesthetist by trade but is also a leader in the compassionate healthcare movement and his research shows that patients who have an empathetic doctor have better healthcare outcomes than those who don't.Robin Youngson is the author of the book Time to Care - How to Love Your Patients and Your Job and he's aiming to put the heart back into healthcare.

11:30 Lyndon McLeod - The Swedish School Lunch Revolution

School kids in the Swedish town of Gislaved regularly enjoy a rosemary-scented lamb stew that awarding winning Kiwi-born chef Lyndon McLeod learnt in his nana's kitchen in Kaitangata, South Otago.In Sweden, school pupils receive a cooked lunch at school every day. The Gisle School Restaurant, which McLeod heads up, serves 1400 portions a day. Children can choose from two main courses, soup of the day, freshly baked bread and a salad buffet.

Jaye glam Morgan

Jaye glam Morgan Photo: Supplied

11:48 Jaye glam Morgan - Africa Fashion Festival Review

The Africa Fashion Festival in Wellington on May 28 promises an evening of design and celebration of African art and culture in Aotearoa. Fashionista and stylist Jaye glam Morgan reviews the show.

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