Jeremy Waldron

Jeremy Waldron Photo: Supplied

0907: Professor Jeremy Waldron
Esteemed law professor at New York University and Oxford. Our mothers told us sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you. But words can and do hurt. In fact, they can be downright dangerous warns New Zealander Jeremy Waldron, an esteemed law professor at New York University and the University of Oxford. He's been described as the leading political and legal philosopher of our day. In the legal world, he is our most famous New Zealander. Professor Waldron is an outspoken critic of drone warfare, torture and hate speech, writing books that make the case for their corrosive effects in a democracy. He's in demand for lectures all over the world. He was in New Zealand before Christmas to deliver the Robin Cooke lecture at Victoria University.

0945: Kate Shuttleworth
Middle East correspondent. She's got more on the Saudi cleric execution and reaction to it as well as the escalating tensions between Israel and Lebanon.

1010: Jackie Van Beek
How We Did It series continues with the actress talking about her career. Writer and director Jackie Van Beek talks about her colourful career, including the hilarious role she played in What We Do in the Shadows alongside Taika Waititi and Jemaine Clement.

1020: Martin Edmond
Poet Reading Poems series

1030: Deborah Coddington
The Road of the Day

Jim Sullivan interviewing Cliff Richard

Jim Sullivan interviewing Cliff Richard Photo: Supplied

1045: Leah McFall
On etiquette in the modern age.

1110: Ben Kjellberg
AUT student documentary - "Number 32".

1125: Paul Little
Discussing his all time favourite movie on the Classic Film Club

1135: Jim Sullivan
Former host of RNZ's long running Sounds Historical is choosing the music in Songs of My Life.

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ALBUM: Life's Rich Pageant

ARTIST: Beach House
TITLE: Space Song
COMP: Beach House / Victoria Legrand
ALBUM: Depression Cherry
LABEL: Subpop

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Song: Dambusters March
Composer: Coates
Album: Give Me A Smile: Songs And Music From World War 2
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