0907: Gillian Tett
A of 'The Silo Effect The Peril of Expertise and the Promise of Breaking Down Barriers'. On the surface... studying the wedding customs of couples in a goat herding village Tajikistan doesn't sound like the best training ground for a career in financial journalism. But Gillian Tett will tell you her background as an anthropologist helps her look at financial markets with a unique perspective Tett is the US managing editor and columnist at the Financial Times and one of the world's most and respected financial commentators. She says her unusual background helps her look at the big picture, such as the fact that too often corporations and organizations operate in silos, with the left hand not knowing what the right is Doing. She's written a book about the phenomenon called The Silo Effect The Peril of Expertise and the Promise of Breaking Down Barriers. Gillian Tett was also one of the very few experts who predicted the financial crisis in 2008.

Wayne Hay.

Wayne Hay. Photo: Al Jazeera

0945: Wayne Hay
Asia correspondent based in Bangkok with the latest news from the region. He's got more on the rising tensions in the South China sea as well as the peace plans in Myanmar.

1007: Oscar Kightley
How We Did It Series, talking about his career. Nowadays Oscar's something of a creative polymath, he's a writer of films like Sione's Wedding, and the sequel with James Griffen; of the animated TV show Bro'town with his fellow Naked Samoans and Elizabeth Mitchel; he's also an actor, as in cop show Harry, with Sam Neill; a former playwright and a founding member of the aforementioned Naked Samoans. He joins Noelle to talk about his career so far and where it all began.

1035: Chris Tse
Poet Reading Poems guest today with one of his own pieces

1046: Jeremy Hansen
Editor of Home Magazine continues his series on evolving at cities - he joins us from LA to talk about his recent trip to New York.

1110: Nikita Wire
The AUT Student who's behind today's documentary on nailing an audition

1125: Finlay MacDonald
On his favourite film of all-time in today's Classic Film club.

1135: Pam Corkery
Chooses the music on Songs of Life

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