09:07 Dr John Mayhew
New Years honour recipient talks to Noelle about being recognized in the 2016 list for his services to sports medicine. As well as being All Black physician for well over a decade he's also worked with the Warriors, Commonwealth Games teams and cross country championships. He joins Noelle to talk about his role in sport and working with some of the most famous sporting faces New Zealand has produced.

09:17 Mitzi Trumbo
Daughter of Dalton Trumbo. They were known as the Hollywood 10: movie writers and directors who ho defied the US House Un-American Activities Committee in 1947 by refusing to testify and participate in the witch hunt for communists in the early years of the cold war. Dalton Trumbo would spend 10 months in prison for contempt of Congress and was blacklisted and denied work in the movie industry. But he found a way around that. He wrote 30 movies under different pseudonyms, including scripts for Roman Holiday and The Brave One that won two Oscars. Hollywood, which once turned its back on him, is now telling his story in a movie called Trumbo starring Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston. Dalton Trumbo's daughter Mitzi lives in California, she was happy to be involved in a new film about her father, even though, historically hollywood has not treated her family well. She shares her memories of her father and thoughts about the movie based on his life.

09:37 Susan Baldacci
US Correspondent joins us from Denver Colorado. She's got the latest on the charges laid against Bill Cosby as well as more on the Texas teen who might face jail after originally telling the courts he was "too rich" to go to prison.

10:25 Mawera Karetai - Road of the Day.
She's a foodie and has a column in the Bay of Plenty Times. Mawera will also be joining the show later on to share some recipes with Noelle. Today she's talking about her favourite stretch of road which is in the Bay of Plenty.

10:50 Chelsea Winter
Master Chef winner shares her recipes for the holiday season with Noelle. Here's a link to her website for recipes from her new book Homemade Happiness http://chelseawinter.co.nz/

11:10 Haylee Clarke - AUT Student Documentary.
It's all about being addicted to coffee and why it's not that bad for you.

11:20 Bill Manhire - Poet reading a Poem
He's also a popular poet among his peers on this series who have selected his poems to read.

11:25 Michelle A'Court
Comedian, columnist and author of the book Stuff I forgot to tell my daughter, is choosing the Songs of a Life today.

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