9:05 Feature interview - Tim Cope

Tim Cope - on the trail of Genghis Khan.

Hinemoa and Tutanekai by Pauline and James Yearbury image courtesy Russell Museum9:30 Treasures of the Art Gallery

Russell Museum with Shelley Arlidge.

Picture: Hinemoa and Tutanekai by Pauline and James Yearbury, image courtesy Russell Museum

9:45 UK correspondent Andrew Potter

10:05 Feature interview - Irene Gardiner

Irene Gardiner with gems from NZ on Screen

10:25 Tennis - Karl Budge

10:40 Extra for Experts

Jeremy Hansen on Home and Lifestyle.

11:10 Songs of our lives

Brent Hansen.

11:30 Student voices

AUT third year journalism students present personal short documentaries on the subjects that matter to them. Keelan McCafferty - 'Three Gay Sons'.

11:45 Book Club

Kiran Dass reads To Kill a Mockingbird.