9:05 Feature interview - Tim Cope

Tim Cope - on the trail of Genghis Khan.

9:30 Treasures of the Art Gallery

James Turkington

James Turkington mural at Parnell Baths
A mural by James Turkington at the Parnell Baths in Auckland - Photo by Antony Matthews

9:45 Australia correspondent Donna Field

10:05 Feature interview

Karen Scott on well-being.

10:35 Summer jobs

Clowns Deb and Gary Grey.

10:45 Extra for experts

Simon Farrell Green on food trends.

11:06 Cricket

11:10 Songs of our lives

Tainui Stephens.

11:40 Student voices

AUT third year journalism students present personal short documentaries on the subjects that matter to them. Rhianna Watson on her fear of clowns.

11:45 Classic Book Club

Ali Ikram reads Heart of Darkness.