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10:10 Phil Goff

It's the leader of the Opposition's turn in the hot seat. Labour leader Phil Goff joins Noelle in the studio to talk about what's going to be on his plate in 2010.

10:30 Kiwis Who Should be Famous

Professor Alison Jones nominates Ruatara - an entrepreneurial chief in the 1800s who helped the first four settlers at Rangihoua and was key in the establishment of the first school.

10:40 The Media Landscape with Simon Pound

Simon Pound will be in the studio to talk media - and in particular to talk about Grab a Seat's Cougar Campaign.

11:08 Captain Kremmen Episode 19

11:15 Judy Bennett

Professor Judy Bennett joins Noelle to discuss her major new project - trying to trace the children of Pacific Island women and American servicemen during World War II.

11:40 Tama Waipara in the Studio