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10:10 Metiria Turei

The Green Party co-leader chats to us about camping, picnics and getting heard in Parliament and beyond.

10:30 Kiwis Who Should be Famous

Mark Derby nominates Dr Doug Jolly, who served during the Spanish Civil War and was an influential figure in the field of military medical practice.

10:40 Books for 2010 with Graham Beattie

Bookman Graham Beattie previews some of the most anticipated titles coming out in 2010.

11:08 Captain Kremmen Episode 18

Captain Kremmen takes over the airwaves and attempts to keep the earth safe from the invading hordes ... again

11:15 Isaac's fashion week

Our roving fashion reporter, Isaac Hindin Miller has checked out fashion week in Milan. We'll catch up with him before he jets off to Paris.

11:40 Sciblogger Brendan Moyle

Brendon joins us to talk about tigers, crocodiles and why the good looking animals have a better chance of survival.