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10:10 Pita Sharples

We ask the co-leader of the Maori Party, Pita Sharples, about his summer break and what he's looking forward to most in 2010.

10:25 Rodney Hide

Act party leader, Rodney Hide will be in the hot chair to talk about last year, this year and whether he's still got his dancing shoes on ...

10:40 Kiwis Who Should be Famous

Grant Quinn, founder of Special Olympics New Zealand is today's nominee.

10:50Young New Zealander of the Year

The third finalist for Young Kiwi of the Year is Vanisa Dhiru. She's being recognised as a leader and role model, and for her extensive voluntary and community work.

11:08 Captain Kremmen Episode 17

There'll be more Pewtron and much more Carla as our fearless hero attempts, again, to save the world!

11:15 Fiona Campbell - The Real Art Roadshow

Fiona is one of the brains behind the The Real Art Roadshow which is all about bringing real kiwi art to secondary school students in geographically isolated or challenging locations throughout the country.

11:40 Bill Hastings - Chief Censor

Bill drops in for chat about what's been catching his watchful eye in the worlds of film and literature ...