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10:10 John Key

The Prime Minister is the politician in the hot seat today and we'll be putting the tough questions to him about his holidays and BBQs with royalty ...

10:30 Kiwis Who Should be Famous

Denis McLean nominates Major General Sandy Thomas for his spectacular and successful military career as well as his extraordinary adventures in various parts of the world.

10:40 Shane Bosher

Shane joins Noelle in the studio to talk about the coming year for The Silo Theatre and the state of our nation's theatres

11:08 Captain Kremmen Episode 20

11:12 Captain Kremmen Competition winner ...

11:15 End of the Summer Noelle Season Debate

Peter Elliot and Ginette McDonald join Noelle to talk through some weighty issues like the ingredients to a perfect summer; the news story of the summer and what's been the most irritating thing of the last few weeks ...

11:40 The Motts

The writers of the Summer Noelle theme tune will be in the studio to play out this season's show.