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Summer Times 2021/2022 for Tuesday 5 January 2021

09.05 Where's safe to swim? 

Now to a question a lot of New Zealanders may be asking themselves, just where is it safe to swim this summer?

This comes as the Auckland Council's Safeswim website showed a 'high risk' of illness from swimming at dozens of beaches in the region over the weekend.

With us now is water quality scientist Anna Madarasz-Smith, who works with Land Air Water Aotearoa, to give us a nationwide update. 

Pohutukawa blossom on an Auckland beach.

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09.20 Swapping chief executive for climate change campaigner

Conor Twyford has shepherded Wgtn Sexual Abuse Help through some tough times in the past few years and surprised many when she stepped down from the chief executive's role after lockdown to go to NZEI Te Riu Roa to become the first climate campaigner in the union movement. 

It wasn't a surprise to close friends though;  Conor has a degree in environmental science and protecting the planet has always been very close to her heart.

She chats to Jesse about her brand new role.

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09.30 Photographing the country's fish

You all would have seen it - the poster detailing the fish of New Zealand's waters in every fish and chip shop in the country.

You may not have realised that each and every one of those fish had been carefully photographed by Terry Hann. 

He's now on a mission to take photos of the country's freshwater fish. 

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09.30 Imperfect flowers bringing perfect joy 

 Emma Bass is a photographer who creates beauty to help lighten the darker aspects of life 

She takes flowers that are imperfect - and turns them into big, colourful works of art 

During lockdown she also branched out into puzzles. 

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10.45 Great Kiwi Album 2020 - Nadia Reid, Out of my Province 

10.00 Finding happiness in 52 weeks 

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The story of Lauren Keenan's life wasn't going according to script in the winter of 2017.  

The Wellington writer's marriage had broken down, loneliness soared while her confidence plummeted. .

She  took the advice of another writer, who said  "'You'll never be bored when you try something new. 

There's really no limit to what you can do.' 

With the words of Dr Suess in her ears, she tried something new every week, from eating a vodka infused donut to zip lining. 

Lauren became the hero of her own story. 

The tale is told in her new book, The 52 Week Project: How I fixed my life by trying a new thing every week for a year. 

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Photo: Lauren Keenan

10.30 Podcast Black Sheep - Basset Rd murders 

11.00 Bookmarks: Simon Wilson 

This summer we're talking to some of RNZ's favourite hosts and contributors about their favourite books, songs, podcasts and more.

Today, it's NZ Herald senior writer, Simon Wilson, who often joins us on Afternoons to share his thoughts on issues ranging from Auckland's transport woes, local politics, and climate change.

Simon Wilson

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11.30 Local music - OdESSA 

One of Wellington's favourite live bands, is back! OdESSA frontman Matthew Pender joins Jesse Mulligan for a chat. 

ODESSA. Odessa live at Level One, Wellington. Performance on the launch of their new video - 'Bring the Money Back Baby'.

Photo: Copyright.

11.45 Regional Round Up

Felix Desmaris - where is he? We'll ask him for some hints, and listeners can text in their guesses.