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Summer Times 2020/2021 for Thursday 28 December 2017

08:10 The Best Of from RNZ 2017 - Kathryn Ryan with Lloyd Scott interview

08:30 The Best of from RNZ 2017 - Megan Whelan with Sady Doyle interview

09:10 Feature Interview - Jane King

09:45 International Correspondent - Wayne Hay in Asia

10:10 Feature Interview - Jarrod Gilbert

10:30 The Reading - Half Men of O' by Maurice Gee, read by Lloyd Scott

10:45 Science of Life - Bugs with Simon Pollard

11:04 Summer Wether - Chris Brandolino from NIWA

11:15 Road Trip Music with Silver Fern Kendra Cocksedge

11:40 Entertainment - Television with Nick Ward

11:50 AUT Student Documentary



08:10 The Best Of from RNZ 2017 - Kathryn Ryan interview with Lloyd Scott

Lloyd Scott

Lloyd Scott Photo: RNZ

This year RNZ farewelled one of its long serving on air talents - Lloyd Scott. He was a much loved voice through the night on RNZ for 13 years until August this year when he retired. Just after he signed off the airwaves for the last time he spoke to Kathryn Ryan on Nine to Noon.

08:30 The Best of from RNZ 2017 - Megan Whelan interview with Sady Doyle

There is something about a wreck we find irresistible. But our culture seems to reserve the most intense fascination for women who are are what writer and blogger Sady Doyle describes as 'trainwrecks'. In her debut book Trainwreck: The Women We Love to Hate, Mock and Fear, she asks why we admire women for their accomplishments, but then judge them in a way men are not judged. Take the very public unravellings and subsequent vilification of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Amy Winehouse. Megan spoke to Sady in January.


09:10 Feature Interview - Author Jane King The Kiwi Cyclist's Guide to Life

Jane King is a cycling enthusiast who has travelled all over New Zealand tracking down different biking types. From Penny Farthing building to heli-cycling she's put together a book covering all aspects biking styles and fashion. Her book is aptly named The Kiwi Cyclist's Guide to Life and has some incredible photos to go alongside the characters who she met.

09:45 International Correspondent - Wayne Hay in Asia

Al Jazerra correspondent Wayne Hay is based in Thailand. He speaks to Megan about the latest news and issues in the South East Asia region.

10:10 Feature Interview - author Jarrod Gilbert, Criminal Justice: A New Zealand Introduction

Author Jarrod Gilbert

Author Jarrod Gilbert Photo: supplied

Criminologist Jarrod Gilbert has joined forces with his fellow expert in the area, Greg Newbold to put together a comprehensive guide examining the way the justice system works in New Zealand. He says the book will have broad appeal for those interested in how we deal with and define crime. It also has a look at what the outcomes are for our offenders once they are in the system.


10:30 The Reading - Half Men of O' by Maurice Gee, read by Lloyd Scott


10:45 Science of Life - Bugs with Simon Pollard

Simon Pollard is a bug expert with a special interest in spiders. He's also such an arachnid aficionado he's had the honour of a local native spider being named after him, it's called Trite Pollardi. We are lucky to have him on Summer Times each week talking about a cross section of bugs and spiders who are enjoying your garden and beaches with you in the sunshine.

11:10 Road Trip Music - Silver Fern Kendra Cocksedge

The Silver Ferns won the Women's Rugby World cup in style this year. Halfback Kendra Cocksedge says that alongside sport the team loves its music. She is giving us her list of songs to play while on the road as well as an insight into what it means to be a world champion. She also reveals she shares an unusual favourite song with a well known former Crusader player.

Silver Fern Kendra Cocksedge

Silver Fern Kendra Cocksedge Photo: PHOTOSPORT

11:40 Entertainment: Television with Nick Ward 

Nick Ward

Nick Ward Photo: supplied

Spoiler alert!  After thousands of years as a man, Dr Who regenerates into a woman, shocking some fans the world over. The Dr Who Christmas special aired on Boxing Day evening for New Zealand audiences. Television and movie script writer and actor Nick Ward has watched it twice and liked it better the second time. He and fellow Whovian (that's what Dr Who fans call themselves) Megan Whelan will do their best to not spoil it for you, if it's still on your viewing list this summer!