5 Jun 2022

Exploring takatapui and queer objects

From Standing Room Only, 1:50 pm on 5 June 2022

A razor blade left in a gay activist's mailbox and a series of dolls dressed in garments based on costumes worn by contestants in Samoa's first Fa'afafine beauty pageant in the 1980s, are included in an exhibition of takatāpui and queer objects.

Some of the 47 objects have been made, others were found by or gifted to the more than 40 artists, designers, craftspeople and architects who've contributed to twisting, turning, winding: takatāpui + queer objects.

Lynn Freeman spoke with Richard Orjis and to one of the contributors, Yuki Kihara, who's currently in the Netherlands after attending the Venice Biennale where her exhibition Paradise Camp has been enthusiastically reviewed.