29 May 2022

Street artist Lydia Emily faces unexpected challenges

From Standing Room Only, 12:16 pm on 29 May 2022
Lydia Early painting in tunnel

Lydia Early painting in tunnel Photo: supplied

Lydia painting

Lydia painting Photo: supplied

Film-maker Libby Sears

Film-maker Libby Sears Photo: supplied

Los Angeles-based Lydia Emily was a highly respected political street artist when she was diagnosed with MS.  Now she has to use shoelaces to secure paintbrushes to her weakened hands to complete her art. 

Obviously the debilitating disease threatens her livelihood, but the American healthcare system has been more of a hindrance than a help to the mother of two.

Lydia's battles on many fronts are described in a new documentary, The Art of Rebellion, that's about to be shown at the Doc Edge Film Festival.

Lynn Freeman talks with director Libby Spears, whose previous film Playground revealed the horrific child sex trade in the US.  Libby's also on Newsweek's list of "150 Women Who Shake the World".

The Art of Rebellion is part of the Doc Edge Festival.  It will play online from the 1st of June, and in theatres in Auckland and Wellington.