27 Mar 2022

Hannah Upritchard: eccentric jewellery to spark joy

From Standing Room Only, 1:30 pm on 27 March 2022

A three month trip home to Christchurch from London to donate a kidney to her mother, has turned into a two year stay for expat jeweller Hannah Upritchard. But she's making the most of her time, creating new work from borrowed and found materials, exhibiting, and selling her jewellery on line including recently to one of her heroes, actor Tilda Swinton. She's also gained international attention after collaborating with Warren Ellis,  the owner of a famous piece of gum chewed by singer Nina Simone in 1999.   Hannah cast the precious gum and made it into a pendant. The self taught jeweller uses fair-trade or recycled materials where possible to create work she hopes will spark joy.

Hannah Upritchard's work will be seen as part of the upcoming AVID 30th anniversary show in Wellington.